If you are quietly distressed, uncomfortable or even defiant in the face of the new challenges we face with Covid-19, finding a private space to take your concerns where you can focus on your own needs exclusively can be a relief. While many people are indoors, working from home or nervous to commune with others, online therapy can provide a haven and a connection.

The benefits of online therapy? The sanctuary of home, comfortable pyjamas, your dog or cat next to you, a cup of tea, a big armchair, warm blanket and no public transport. We have an opportunity to use technology to seek and offer support and whilst weddings and sporting events are postponed, we still need space to process, adapt and recover.

If you have found my website and are facing a challenging time at the moment, I would like to support you in the process of beginning therapy and making the changes you hope for.

Why See a Therapist?

We all need to regroup and repair from time to time. You might wish you could feel less needy in your romantic relationships, or be more assertive and respectful to yourself. Dealing with conflict at work may be stressful. Maybe you would like to change your family interactions, forgive or just figure out reasonable boundaries. It might be the way you think about and treat yourself that has brought you here. Replaying awkward moments over and over whilst trying to fall asleep, wishing things were different. “If only I was ……, I would be ok”?

If you have realised that you are isolating or behaving self destructively, you may feel ready to find ways to improve your self esteem and make some changes.

What do I offer?

I offer Integrative Psychotherapy exclusively via secure video conferencing with a particular focus on:

  • Adjustment to a new country, culture, career, community or language – expatriates, immigrants, Third Culture Kids

  • Exploring patterns of behaviour, communication difficulties and developing healthy relationships

  • Improving self esteem and gaining personal and professional fulfilment

  • Practical, clear strategies to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Recovery from addictive behaviours and processes including love addiction, codependency, alcohol, drugs, compulsive helping and disordered eating

My aim is to understand and connect with your story and to provide a welcoming and supportive space for you. My approach is informed by true radical empathy, respectful parenting, solution focus and dialectical behaviour techniques.

My practice is inclusive and welcoming to people of all ethnicities, nationalities, abilities, religious affiliations, spiritual practices, political opinions, sexual orientation, gender identity and ages.

If You Would Like to Speak With Me

If you would like to see if the way I work might suit you, I invite you to book a free online/phone introductory consultation using my online scheduling system. This is a chance for us to meet, test the internet connection and answer any questions you might have. There is no commitment to enter into therapy with me and you are welcome to check in and use an introductory appointment to just have a chat about what might be helpful for you.

The most important thing is that you find a therapist you like and feel comfortable with. I have a great network of excellent colleagues and I will be happy to help you find the right person.

I look forward to meeting you.