Private Practice at 127 Harley Street

Until March 2020, my private practice was based at The Integrated Practice at 127 Harley St, London. It was a hybrid of online and in person psychotherapy and I am pleased to have been able to continue my practice online since then.

I regret that I do not currently have space for new clients. I recognise that we are usually keen to begin therapy once we have the momentum to reach out to someone, so I will be happy to recommend colleagues who have space sooner than my expected availability.

Online Therapy

I provide counselling and psychotherapy via secure video conferencing to your home, office or even your car (as long as it is parked safely!). The only things you need are a private space, a good internet connection (good enough to stream YouTube or Netflix) and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. I suggest the use of headphones or earphones to increase the feeling of privacy and improve sound quality.

I have been an advocate for online therapy for over a decade and am so encouraged to see the promising and positive research, both empirical and anecdotal, that has come from the increase in using videoconferencing platforms over this last year. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can have therapy anywhere that is comfortable and convenient for you
  • You have a greater choice of therapists than if you were restricted by location
  • Having fewer visual distractions often encourages focus and concentration
  • You may find that you are more comfortable online or that it is easier to talk
  • You can choose a therapist outside of your local or professional community
  • I am able to provide continuous support even when one of us is travelling
  • I can be more flexible with scheduling than I can for my practice in person
  • You can create your own therapy space, according to your needs and preferences

And it goes without saying that it is impossible to transmit an airborne virus via the internet so online therapy has provided consistency and accessible support throughout the pandemic.

Research consistently shows that online therapy is as effective as in person therapy. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges, but with some attention and support, the depth of therapeutic trust and connection can be built as effectively and authentically as when we work in person together. I use video conferencing for clinical supervision and to meet with my own therapist, to teach other therapists and provide both individual and group support. I enjoy the flexibility of location and scheduling, the comfort of my own private environment and being able to make a cup of tea after a session and reflect at my own pace instead of navigating public transport or traffic. I particularly love that I have maintained regular and dependable contact with my clients throughout a tumultous and unpredictable time, and appreciate deeply the benefits of our digital experience.

To read further about my training and experience with online therapy, please click here.

Inpatient Treatment Referral and Aftercare

I provide assessments and referrals to inpatient treatment programmes for depression, addictions, eating disorders, codependency and trauma. I will usually remain in contact with the therapeutic team during the course of treatment and offer ongoing aftercare support upon completion of the programme to ensure continuity of care. My recommendations include facilities in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland and are based on the quality of care, suitability of the programme and geographical convenience for you.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of inpatient referral, or are a treatment representative and would like to share details of your programme with me, please click here.